What is AI? AI and You

From the evocative images of Skynet, the ultimate antagonist of the Terminator franchise, to Ava in the British science-fiction film Ex Machina, AI is something humanity is fascinated by. But what is A.I.? Today we’re gonna discuss artificial intelligence. I hope to help you gain a better understanding of this fascinating topic. You should read […]

Getting Started With Programming For Alexa

Alexa, your virtual personal assistant. Both highly useful for business and personal use, Alexa works on many devices making your voice commands possible in a variety of avenues. Alexa is quite sophisticated and intelligent and is consistently being updated to give you the highest rate of competence and efficiency. Programming for Alexa in both the […]

AI Robot Best StarCraft 2 Player

DeepMind’s AI player has reached yet another milestone. Just when we thought we’d heard enough, DeepMind’s AlphaStar has reached grandmaster level in the real-time strategy game Starcraft II. What’s the big deal about this? Well, for one, it is the highest possible online ranking; and now that AlphaStar is grandmaster tier, this means that its […]