Alexa, your virtual personal assistant. Both highly useful for business and personal use, Alexa works on many devices making your voice commands possible in a variety of avenues. Alexa is quite sophisticated and intelligent and is consistently being updated to give you the highest rate of competence and efficiency.

Programming for Alexa in both the business and personal world is not as complicated as some may think at first thought, in fact, Alexa’s capabilities are fairly simple to embed, and you will be remarkably surprised at the time you save simply by a voice command or research.

Alexa Skills Kit

To program or build a skill with Alexa check out the developer guidelines directly from Amazon. See what kind of skills you can create with Alexa and where to find the explanation on how to create each of these skills.

Amazon Alexa Skills Kit


Teaching you to build and create Amazon Alexa skills, these courses were created for you to build knowledge with your present endeavors, along with future programming ideas. Developing custom skills, you will be prepared to work with other applications as well. These courses require no prior experience, they are designed to teach you in the most simple way possible. From learning voice user interface to Lambda functions which allows you to learn how to generate a response to an Alexa device, and far more, the possibilities of developing your skills are endless. Beginning with training courses, this offers a step by step process to get started.

Codeacademy Introduction to Alexa

Pluralsight – Alexa Skill

You will learn the skills needed for Alexa using the Alexa Skills Kit and Amazon Web Services. Learning the foundational concepts for building your Alexa and utilizing it in your specific areas of interest.

Pluralsight Amazon Alexa Skills Tutorial

Codemag – Alexa Skills For Echo

New doors will open once you once you once you begin to build voice-enabled apps. You will learn the differences between Alexa and Echo and quickly learn the certification process and requirements, publication of your new-found skill. These courses offer building the skills you need for both business and personal, security, infrastructure and virtualization. Learning Cloud and IoT, Internet of Things, will give you a valuable education in the development of your personal needs with your devices. You will grow in your development of software skills, popular programming language, and always be cutting-edge as this technology continues to grow.

Codemag Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo

It is great to have the latest devices, technological experiences, however if you truly want and need the full experience, learning to program Alexa is imperative. Alexa has the capability to assist you in business and keep you several steps ahead of your competition, which maybe a secret unknown to them. Also, Alexa makes everyday living much easier on a personal. One voice command at a time, programming Alexa has outstanding benefits for the technological world we live in and work in today.